Knowledge Management and Transfer

As part of a systematic process to foster organizational learning, the need for sharing and management of knowledge is always felt. In an organization, a pool of information is regularly held, used and analyzed by a number of authorized personnel, depending on their respective designations in company hierarchy. A structured knowledge management and transfer program makes sure that the next workforce in line is ready to take the responsibility, even though these highly experienced and competent employees aren’t available anymore. Considering the cosmopolitan employee profile that international organizations maintain these days, this maintenance is of immense importance. That’s where Globelinx can bring changes.

Globelinx, powered by its team of professionals, subject matter experts, trainers, learners and lecturers has taken this job for administration of knowledge and share to a different level. Our certified and authentic approach has been tailored to cater a broad spectrum of employees, residing outside domain country of the company. For multinational companies, it’s a common trend to outsource their jobs from developing pr emerging economy specific territories for cost advantage, and the need is always here to train those outsourced employees about the proper work procedure and methodology. Globelinx, employs few interesting and innovative techniques like gaming, virtual classrooms, modernized methods of E-learning to allow employees to be a part of this knowledge sharing platform at point of time, from anywhere.

A brief of our commonly employed techniques are as follows:-

  • Self study through E-learning
  • E Learning and physical classroom coaching
  • One-to-many training facility
  • Information mapping
  • Simulation

Globelinx is expert at utilizing the knowledge and expertise inherent in your workforce. Our business aim is to recognize the potential of the employees, develop a platform for knowledge management, and share it through an effective and strong network. Such an approach is a beneficial step for all organizations in all sizes.


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