Project Management and Consultancy

Globelinx Consulting, as part of its all round, globalized training and development service curriculum for employee productivity betterment, is dedicated to identify, cultivate and utilize the hidden and underutilized talents for the best interest of the organization. By being a part of this learning program, as an employer, you can have multidimensional advantages, in the form of:

  • Knowledge about motivating and organizing employees from a diversified background and social culture
  • Job specific professionals, say sales and marketing professionals would be benefited by mastering the art of negotiation, relationship building and maintenance with key customers
  • Human resource managers could develop the knowledge about management of workforces from different countries
  • Financial advisors can make out the difference in ethical stand maintained by people from different countries and territories
  • Offshore contact centers get an idea of the effective learning and development process in cross border locations, so as to provide services as per the client demand with high service standards

GLOBELINX maintains a comprehensive global training and development curriculum that covers a wide range of industrial domains. Besides, such a program enables an employee to manage his/her work in a more productive manner, thereby contributing to the organization’s overall business vision and philosophy. This program allows you to learn the tricks for managing the following:-

  • Skill set build up to manage specific job responsibilities
  • Management of international projects
  • Formal training to manage cultural differentiations
  • Techniques for effective time management
  • Knowhow about the different legal formalities practiced in different countries
  • Training and development to nurture budding talents
  • Grooming of currents leaders about the latest business practices
  • Cultural audits
  • Practice of business value and ethics
  • Surveys to tabulate and evaluate workforce feedbacks


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